Washing and desizing

Purpose: To remove dirt, sizing agents and emulsions

Is performed in full width on continuous washing lines (Brugman and Textima) with 4 and 7 washing sections.

Washing is also possible in rope form (knits technology) for selected types of fabrics.

Possibility of continuous enzymatic desizing on the line.

Washing line LAVANOVA from company CIMi is used for continuous washing and desizing of fabrics with the manufacturing possibilities of pallets or big laps.

Technological parameters: Part of the washing line is 5 washing sections, impregnation section and steaming section. Each washing section is equipped with a helical cylinder for centering of fabric. Washing line uses a system based on staggeredfabric and its sprinkling with bath. It is equipped with a contraflow, recuperative system and exhaust system to streamline the washing effekt and coastssaving.

In certain cases it can be used instead of dyeing procedures:


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